Majestic x Boney. M

Rasputin - Majestic x Boney. M

Seeing as the original was such a knee-slapping classic, this project had to bring the heat! I love working with my good friends at Fuego Films and they delivered a fantastic project here which I was very happy to be involved in. As the innocent characters fell victim to Rasputin's hypnotic powers, I created comically enlarged eyes to show their hypnotic state, accompanied by colourful distortion of the peripheral vision. On top of this incredibly fun task, I provided clean up work on the judge's score panels. Originally the panels showed scores of '1', '3', and '4'. In post, it was decided that they all need to be showing '1' to really emphasise how little the judges appreciate what the contestants brought to the table.


Director: Charlie Reese
DOP: George Harper
Steadicam: Jay Gomez
VFX: This and That Media
Production: Untold Studios
Colourist: Myles Bevan