Kamille ft. Haile & Ivorian Doll

Sad Party - Kamille ft. Haile & Ivorian Doll

This was a great project to work on and help supervise FX for. I worked on four areas for this visual; the 'digital man', the 'overhead emojis', the 'birds eye keying' and the 'motorbrike keying'. The largest part of my time was consumed by the digital man and overhead emojis as tracking the dancers and artist due to the intense choreography. I really enjoyed the use of the drone in the overhead shots combined with the keying and use of patterns for the backdrop, it really made the space seem larger than life, especially when the individuals were colour corrected to fit the keying.


Director: Rebekah B
Production Company: Yellow Fish Group
Executive Producer: Luke Biggins
Producer: B Mealing
DIT: Kofi.jr
DOP: Paul Mackay
Steadicam: Gary Kent
Editor: Kaz Ove
VFX: This and That Media
Colour House: Wash LDN