Broken Glass - Fliptrix

With the title of 'Broken Glass' I tried to play with the theme of fragments and shards. This came out literally in the broken mirror scene, and with the use of super shallow depth of field we were able to capture some brilliant shots. I wanted the artist to be in a state of reflection for this visual so I made the yellow room the anchor for this video, where we returned to time and time again. Everything else can be considered a flashback, memory or contemplation from the artist as he sits in this yellow room. Throughout the editing process, I wanted the video to feel slightly off tilt with subtle warps and minor distortions that remind you that we are in fact going through the thoughts of the artist while he sits in the yellow room. This is further emphasised with the pace of the editing towards the second half of the video as it becomes more fragmented yet energetic.


Director: This and That Media​

DOP: This and That Media

VFX: This and That Media

Editor: This and That Media