Cuenta Lo - Biig Piig

This was a great project to a part of, creating fluid shadow demons playing card games! I custom made the smokey composition so I could be in control of it's fluidity, speed and direction. After compositing that for each character, I placed in and tracked white glow-y eyes for each of them, completing the metamorphosis. I alos worked on the scene where we see the artist being surrounded by the silhouetted figures and on top of these fun vfx elements I also contributed some clean up work for the final scene with the doorframe the artist walks through by removing exit signs.


Director: Nono Ayuso & Rodrigo Inada​

Producer: Jacson Forsythe

DOP: Franklin Dow

VFX: This and That Media

Editor: George Harper

Spark: Chelsea Bernard

Colourist: Fran Condor