Gimme Gimme - Baileys Brown ft. Datkid & Dabbla

The time of this video was right around when I wanted to delve deeper into the world of 3D. I had this ambitous idea of making money float in a mannequin-challenege type of world. However (and that is a big however), I didn't know how to run any 3D softwares. All I knew at the time was how to track a 3D space in After Effects. The idea of 3d Models was foreign to me so I didn't have the know-how to simply place in the 3D models and let the tracking do its job. My way around this was a big ol' insert of DIY. I stuck some green card on the wall, grabbed a one £50, one £20 and one £10 note and a strip of fish wire. I put my camera on tripod and started crumpling up the notes. I bluetacked one onto the fishing wire and dangled it in front of the green card and started taking high quality photographs. After each photo, I changed the intensity of crumpling and the angle the note was snapped at. I did this rotation and change in crumple-level 40+ times for each note before I moved onto the next. By the end of the shoot, I had gathered over a 100 high quality of money photos against a green backdrop which I could then key out in post (along with wire removal). This allowed me to use a wide variety of money as a 3d asset, except, it wasn't 3d at all. Because of this issue, I minimised the amount of wide rotation shots had to do in the shoot. When I did need to do them, I accurately rotated them to hide the fact they were 2d. One beenfit of doing this effect with notes of money is that they are naturally 2D so it was quite easy to obscure sell the idea. If i were to do it with a box-shaped object, it would be a lot harder to convince the audience that they were really in the space when using this technique. Considering this was one of my first experiences with 3D work, I'm very pleased with the outcome and my approach.


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